“Just Dance” Part I

OK, I have to be real.  Writing a blog doesn’t help lower my cholesterol.  Walking does, but I don’t like being out in the cold.  For me, any temperature below 62 degrees is cold.  Winter walking is out.  I know I need to exercise so this was my brilliant plan.  Shell out $250 for a Wii and the “Just Dance” game. “And how is that working out for you,” you ask?  It has its ups and downs, literally!  Like with any attempt to exercise I can come up with a million excuses.  I have collected lots for the “Just Dance” game already.  One of my major excuses is tank tops.  If you live in North Dakota you love to wear tank tops because you only have a small window of time when you actually can wear them. …. July 15th and August 20th to be exact. Just kidding!   Before I explain my “tank top” excuse I should give you a little background on my first experience with “Just Dance.”  After I made my brilliant decision to buy a Wii, I couldn’t wait to get home, set it up and well,   just start dancing.   I can proudly say that I set the system up with only about 5 phone calls to my son.   That is quite an accomplishment for me.   I still have to call him every time I want to download a free font for my scrapbooking projects.   He has taken me through the steps many times and he has set everything up on my computer so that it is just a few clicks.  Yet, when it comes to actually downloading a font by myself I am lost.  The last time I was working on a scrapbook of a trip we took to Hawaii, I found this awesome tropical font that I just had to have.  First I had to call my own cell phone because I forgot where I had it last.   Strangely it was ringing somewhere around the couch.   Anyway, I was going to call my son when I realized he would be at his night class for the next two hours.  So, of course, I text him…….”Call me ASAP”  Two hours later when he called he was frantic.  He thought I was “Just Dancing” and had broken both of my legs and couldn’t crawl up the stairs.  (This is a very realistic thought, BTW)  I got a lecture on the “tone” and “wording” of modern day txting.  Talk about further complicating communication.    Do you mean to tell me that txting has a “tone”?   I have much to learn.   Anyway, I did get my tropical font downloaded, but there can be no future free font emergencies.   Now back to my Wii and “Just Dance” exercise program.  I was just so anxious to get started dancing.  I strapped the controller on to my right wrist and tightened it up really tight.  I have a real fear of the controller flying out of my hand into the TV.   I manage to click in all the right places to get to the song selections.   I look through all the one stars songs to start with.  I have to say the song selection is great except all the songs are so fast.  No dance moves to “Michelle” by the Beatles.    I settled on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”  Very appropriate, I thought.  After all I just wanted to have some fun exercising.   There is just one sentence of directions.  All I had to do was mirror the dancer on the screen.   That sounded easy enough so excitedly I pressed ‘A’ to begin.  OMG, my arms and legs were flying and flapping everywhere and I saw all these pink ‘x’s falling down on the left side of the screen.  Luckily I had the foresight to choose the short version.   When the music stopped I  flopped down on the couch.  Then came the real shocker.  The scoring screen came up.  The actual number score didn’t mean anything to me.  But the ‘Greats’, ‘OKs’ and ‘x’s  scores were given in percentages.  You do not give a math teacher a percentage score when it is suppose to be a game.   I got a 19% Great.  I have no idea what else I had, because I couldn’t get past 19%.  19% screams “clumsy failure”  to me.  Obviously, there was no mirroring going on at all unless you are talking about a fun house mirror.  And what really got to me was that background cheering and clapping.  At 19% it seemed like they were actually mocking me.   I had this overpowering urge to deliberately throw the remote into the TV.  Instead I just shut off the game and went upstairs and ate 3 chocolate chip cookies.   That calmed me down.  Oh, I actually didn’t get to my explanation about tank tops, so stay tuned for the next great “Just Dance” Blog-isode.

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2 Responses to “Just Dance” Part I

  1. Susan Pankowski says:

    I am going to post this on my facebook! You are hilarious!! Thanks! I miss your laugh!!

  2. mickeyrenner says:

    Susan, thank you for reading my post and for saying you miss my laugh. I have a pretty loud laugh for a librarian. I miss working across the hall from you, but that wouldn’t be anymore anyway. Take care, and keep reading my Blog, PLEASE

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