Christmas Break

To my few faithful followers:

I will be taking a Christmas Blog Break, to spend the Holidays with some of my family.

(I have lots of brothers and sisters, so “some” is the best I can do.)  In just a couple of hours I will be on the road to Mandan, North Dakota.  My son flies out of Bismarck to spend the Holidays with his relatives in Germany.  Unless of course, he gets snowed in at the Frankfurt Airport.   My youngest sister flew in from Kentucky.  I am so excited to see her and spend time with her that the minutes are just barely crawling by.   It doesn’t help that I look at the clock every ½ minute. I am so looking forward to spending quality Christmas time with my family.  I am not so delusional that I believe the occasion will be all Comfort & Joy!  There are bound to be the incidents when the wrong thing was said to the wrong person at the wrong time.  That is just human nature.  It also is my pessimism. Speaking of pessimism, I am afraid my (7) blog followers will give up on me over the next two weeks.  However, I have set myself a few goals.  [Notice I did not use the word, resolutions.   Resolutions are promises that are way too easy to break.]   1. I definitely want to keep writing the Sidewalk Thoughts: The Blog.   2. I need to learn more about blogging “widgets” and make use of them.  3. I would like to “web-out” more.

I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and all the Best Wishes for the New Year 2011!

Please come back and visit this blogs site sometime after the 1st of the year.

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