One Resolution for All

Happy New Year: 2011

01/01/11 (Awesome date, don’t you think?)

Well, we made it 11 years past Y2K.  Did we really think that a computer that can display 16.7 million colors cannot count past 1999?  Yet, we believe that ancient Mayans could count in intervals of 26,000 years.  Our next big hurdle is 12/21/12 when the Mayan calendar abruptly ends.   But actually their calendar is some complex circular design which means it just starts over for another 26,000 years in some sort of gigantic “Circle of Life” theory.   Predicting events over a 26,000 year periods of time is pretty safe.   Who possibly could prove you wrong?

Speaking (I guess I am actually writing) of wrong, I think New Year’s resolutions are wrong on so many levels.   Don’t misunderstand me.  They are not wrong for everybody.   Like when I went to get a diet coke this morning the person at the drive up was a real grouch.  I thought that person should really resolve to be nicer to the customers even if they have to work New Years Day at 7:00am with a hangover.  Or the lady in front of me at the grocery store that took so long to write out her check, then find her driver’s license, and then put her change away in her purse.   Couldn’t she resolve to move it a little faster this year even so I think she was about 95 years old?   Anyway, New Year’s resolutions are wrong for me.

My attempts at resolutions look like this:

I resolve to eat healthier after I have a caramel roll for breakfast.

I resolve to eat mare fruit, only if it is on top of a waffle with lots of whip cream.

I resolve to put more fiber in my diet when Metamucil comes in bubble gum flavor.

I resolve to not snack after midnight on those nights I fall asleep before 11:00 pm.

And I resolve to exercise more when the scoring for the “Just Dance” we game isn’t just random.

But there is one resolution I am all for, for all of us. It is a nice, little, four-letter word.  (And no it does not start with an ‘F’)  I know I said I usually don’t get all philosophical.  I lied.   Besides, what better time to be a little philosophical then on the first day of the New Year.

Fair Warning:  A little piece of New Year’s Philosophy is next and it is in poem form.

So Many Times……..

People play games that are not really fair

A Mother’s time is so busy she cannot share

A Father’s presence is something so rare

Children do things they should never dare

Families have problems they can hardly bare.

So Many Times……

Eyes of hungry children continue to stare

The homeless are not welcome anywhere

Pollution poisons the fresh water and air

Political injustice takes lives unaware

Violence puts real fear almost everywhere.

And all anyone ever has to do is …….CARE

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3 Responses to One Resolution for All

  1. Mary Mercado says:

    This so so cute. It feels so good to laugh! I’ve read every “blog” day. Now I’m caught up. Can’t wait to get my next e-mail! Love you, sis.

  2. mickeyrenner says:

    Hey Sis, Thank you for reading my Blog. If I made you laugh, that makes me feel good. Hopefully I set up the subscription “widget” correctly. I hope to post again soon, so that we will know if the e-mail thing works. Love you too

  3. Deb Sheffield says:

    Love it! Hope you had a good Renner Christmas. Did Nik make it safely to Germany? (and home again? Though he probably isn’t back yet…?) Wishing you the very best in 2011…maybe this will be the year we’ll actually see each other again????!!!???

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