The Resolution Solution

You must realize by now that I am a resolution opponent.  I am sure it has to do with some deep seeded success/failure childhood issues that I have carried with me into adulthood.  [Actually, if I ever think I have reached adulthood, I will let you know if I brought that baggage with me.]  Anyway, I want to clarify that I do like New Year’s Resolutions if they are easy, fun, and attainable in one day.    That leaves out the obvious, like dieting.   For me the resolution has to be something that I can do in one day and call it a SUCCESS.   I came up with this idea for a resolution for all of us that would be easy and attainable.    This is my suggestion for a simple two –step resolution:

Step 1: Read one of my Blog postings

Step 2: If you enjoyed it, tell 2 friends or family members.

If you do this you will easily have two successes for the New Year under your belt.    Ooops,  I take that back.   “Under your belt” is a bad choice of words…..too many sexual connotations.   Let’s say; you will have two very impressive successful resolutions to your credit for this New Year of 2011.  That sounds good, doesn’t it? You will be able to say that you resolved to read more and you will have done just that.   My Blog did not exist last January so reading even one posting is reading more under the adage that:   “something is more than nothing.”  You can also say that you made a positive connection with friends or family members.  Anyway, I would hope it would be a positive connection.  Isn’t that what it is all about…….positive connections?  Just these two simple steps and you can have done something goof for yourself and for others.   See, doesn’t that just make you feel good about yourself.   Isn’t that what it is all about….positive self-image?

For those of you that are following this twisted train of thought, let me offer you the opportunity to take this one step further.

Step 3: Leave a comment

I am inclined to say, leave a sociably acceptable comment, but in this social networking world everything seems to be sociably acceptable.   [Boy was I surprised to learn the WTF, didn’t mean Wait ‘Til Friday!]  If you leave a comment you will be taking steps to improve world-wide communication.   OK, maybe “world-wide” is a little over the top.  However, leaving a comment is a form of communication that actually would be beneficial to me.   And isn’t that what it is all about……ME?   Just kidding!!!   We know where the “all about me attitude” gets us.  It gets us to yesterday’s poem which doesn’t paint a very pretty picture.  I am writing this Blog because I love to write, but also because I really believe that we all can use more laughter in our lives.  Life throws us some tough hardships and even the daily routine can easily become a burden.   If this Blog lifts your spirits for even a moment then it is realizing its purpose.   Our lives march on day after day.   Some of those days are good and some are not so good.   In fact some days can be just a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” [Former Children’s Librarian, so I had to throw that in]   On the bad days if we can go to a place that we know will make us smile or even bring some laughter into our lives then it is a good thing.   I think it is safe to say this world needs more “good things.”   Why does any of this matter to me?  Simply because, I CARE if my family and friends are having a good day or not.

Have a Great Day!

Your friend, Mickey

BTW (By The Way, not Bring The Wine)   Be sure to let me know if the subscription/e-mail thing worked!!!!

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4 Responses to The Resolution Solution

  1. Mary Mercado says:

    I love it. I plan to share your blog with my co-workers. Which are typically over 45, need a laugh, women in the workplace who need a good chuckle every now and then!

    Keep writing…and doing the wii:-)

  2. mickeyrenner says:

    Hey Mary, GREAT IDEA to share with your co-workers. You don’t have to admit I am related to you!

  3. Amy says:

    I’m so glad “Sidewalk Thoughts” are back!! You are the best! For my New Years I’ve decided to read more (your blog), comment when i can, and just for the heck of it I’ll quit smoking which is attainable since I’ve never smoked so how can i fail with that one right!! SUCCESS!!

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