On Sale

I haven’t posted in 5 days.  I would say that I had good intentions to post, but that would be a lie.  The truth is, I am not doing so “hot”.  I mean to the word “hot” as a play on words.   The fact is I am frick’n freezing to death.  Let’s not even consider what the weather has been like.  Let’s just stick to the weather now.   It is 2 degrees above zero with a -9 wind chill and overcast skies.  Once again I just got in from shoveling.  I do really like my snow blade, but I would still really like it if it just sat unused in the garage.  Instead every day we get a little snow.  It is just enough to have to shovel.  On the days I work I don’t get the shoveling done.  By the time I get home from work it is bitterly cold and pitch dark.  This means I drive on the snow for a few days.  By the time I get to shovel my driveway my wheel tracks are packed down frozen mounds of snow that can only be removed with a jack hammer.   Maybe if I would just admit to the global warming gods that Al gore is right, they (they being the gods) would give me a break.   Or maybe if all of my fingertips split open from the cold that would be punishment enough to appease the gods for all the hairspray I used on Prom night of my senior year in high school. As it is my right thumb is split open from the cold and geez that is painful.  I do not understand how or why physically my fingertips split open from the cold, nor do I want to know.    I just don’t want it to be so cold that this phenomenon occurs.   But you have heard enough complaining from me about shoveling snow.   There actually is a bigger problem with the weather in Dickinson……no sun.   We are use to lots of sun even when the temperature is -25 degrees the sun still shines.   This winter we have had very little sun.   Everyone who doesn’t already suffer from SAD  (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is starting to show symptoms this winter.  If we don’t get some sun pretty soon heads are gonna roll.   Everybody is in a bad mood and grouchy.   We all know “service with a smile” is mostly a thing of the past, but winter blues and bad moods have taken this to a whole new level.    And I am not excusing myself.  I am just blah and bitchy as anyone.  The other day when I ordered by large Diet Coke, the guy behind the counter said…”Is this for here or to go.”  I snapped back, “What if I say it is to go, fill up my cup and sit down to drink it here?”  The guy just glared at me and said that will be $2.03.  (Notice I didn’t get the senior discount!)  Then he clenched his jaw and gave me a large cup.   I read his mind at that point.  I know he wanted so badly to say, “here is your cup and you know what you can do with it.”  At this point I realized I needed to do some clothes shopping therapy.  I decided to go to the famous “yellow dot” sale.  I looked through racks and racks of clothes until my head was spinning.  I was just ready to give up when this really cute pink and green sweater caught my eye.  I was so amazed that I liked the sweater, it was in the right size, and it was on the yellow dot clearness rack.  I could feel my spirits already lifting.   The prospect of getting a new sweater after 4 months of wearing the ones I have, was exhilarating.  I even made a promise to myself that I would be really nice to the drive up gal when I picked up my lunch even if I got the complete wrong order.   I took my purchase to the checkout and the conversation went something like this:

SL (Sales Lady):  Your total is $52.91.

ME (Me): I thought this sweater was 70% off.  It was on the yellow dot clearance rack.

SL:  I can only take 70% off if you have a yellow dot coupon.

ME:  What if I don’t have a yellow dot coupon?

SL:  Then I can only take off 20%.  However, it you open a charge card with us today I can give you an additional 10% off.

ME:  I think I have a coupon at home.  Can you hold this sweater for me while I drive home to get my coupon?

SL: No we cannot hold any clearance items.

I decide to take my chances with the icy roads filled with narrow, slippery ruts and surrounded by 5 feet piles of snow.   When I got home I found the ad and nothing in the ad looked like a yellow dot coupon.   I decided to just take the entire ad with me to make sure I had the right coupon.  I am happy to say that when I got back to the store the sweater was still there.  I grabbed the sweater off the clearance rack once again and went up to the same checkout.

This time the conversation when something like this:

SL:  Your total is $52.91.

ME: No, I now have the yellow dot coupon in this ad so that you can take off 70%.

SL:  Yes, you have the right coupon but the coupon has expired.

ME:  No, I was just in here a half hour ago and you told me the sweater would be 70% off if I had the yellow dot coupon, which I now do have in my possession.

SL:  Yes, but at that time the sale was still on. If you look at the bottom of the ad the sale was today from 9-11am.

ME: (As I am squinting at the small print at the bottom of the ad) What time is it now?

SL:   11:15. Did you still want the sweater?

ME: No, I won’t be taking the sweater, but you can take it and …..(I didn’t say the rest out loud)

I stomped away making myself think I didn’t really like the sweater anyway.




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5 Responses to On Sale

  1. Amy says:

    Oh my goodness!! Heads would have rolled! Unreal!!

  2. ah the days of life, remember when we reach the golden age we can sit around the pill dispenser and laugh out loud.

  3. Mary Mercado says:

    Just watch. That sweater will still be there during their July “Red, White, and Blue” dot sale! And it’ll be 85% off because it’s summer. Hopefully you get that same lady when you plunk down your $12.91 total with tax!

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Good point, Mary. It is just that I can’t bring my self to buy a sweater in the summer because I am so sick of sweaters by that time. So instead I buy an outrageously priced tank that looks like crap on me, and I can only wear a total of three days out of the year!

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