Sunday Sunshine

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then by exponential progression (thought I would throw in some impressive math teacher lingo) then a video must be worth 500,000 words.  The reason I am bringing this up is because if I was technically savvy, I would have included a video in my last blog posting.   There is a GEICO commercial that would have perfectly illustrated the point I was trying to make about people’s moods and dispositions at this time of the year.  I am talking about the one where the drill sergeant is the therapist.  I love that commercial.  I especially like the part when the drill sergeant throws the box of Kleenex at his patient.   I think we are all feeling a bit like that drill sergeant and we are all quick to call those irritating people surrounding a “jack wagon.”  BTW, the urban definition of “jack wagon” is: Loser. Someone who is totally worthless. There are other definitions that believe me I was totally clueless about, which actually doesn’t surprise me.  There are so many things I am totally clueless about.  The fact that I am also gullible doesn’t help.  Being clueless and gullible is not a good combination.   Good thing I am not much for making phone calls.  Otherwise my house would be filled with $19.95 only- available-on- TV offers.   The whole world of advertizing is built on people like me….clueless and gullible.   The make all these gadgets and gizmos that look so amazing.  I did fall for the PedEgg and did actually use it until my niece, Jessica, pointed out that it really was just a cheese grater for your feet.  Eeww.   I was all ready to order a Snuggie when my sister-in-law, Michele, pointed out to me that I could just wear my bathrobe backwards.  Good point!   I do confess, that somewhere in the house I have Magic Putty.  I can’t for the life of me remember what I thought I was going to patch up with this miracle stuff.  This is actually a good thing because I can’t remember where I put it.   What I do know is that I haven’t needed it in the past 3 years.    All this reminds me of another saying……”If it sounds too good to be true, usually it is.”  Like the famous statement about no new taxes for people making less than $250,000 per year.  I don’t know about you, but in my last paycheck they took out $15.00 in Federal taxes.  The difference isn’t because I got a raise, but because as of January 1st there are all new tax schedules.   I don’t even want to hear an explanation from the government how my $15 dollars isn’t new taxes.  I probably wouldn’t understand the explanation anyway.  Worse yet, I am so gullible I probably would believe their explanation.  But on a more positive note, the sun is actually shining today in Dickinson, ND.  In fact the temperature is nearing 30 degrees.  Of course this also means the wind is nearing 30 mph.  [But I am not complaining.]  It is great to see the sun again.   It is also great to see the snow tracks on the streets to start to melt away.  Although this causes huge chunks of dirty, grimy snow to cling to your vehicle and then fall off in the garage. On the one day I don’t have to shovel the driveway, I get to shovel out the garage.  [But I am not complaining.]  Having the sun shine is having such a positive effect on me that I am going to be optimistic enough to say that when I go out shopping this afternoon I am not going to have to call one person a “jack wagon.”

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7 Responses to Sunday Sunshine

  1. Amy says:

    I LOVE that commercial! I know this post isn’t just about that but it crackes me up every single time it is on TV and with the winter the way it is, that is so nice to just laugh!

  2. mickeyrenner says:

    I totally agree that with the way this winter has been it is nice to just LOL. It actually feels good. That commercial is hilarious. I love it!

  3. Jessica says:

    Oh Aunt Mickey, I love you. Thanks for adding me into the blog today, I feel like a star lol. In all honesty though, the PedEgg does work just as an fyi. Thanks for writing today Mickey, I needed a good laugh.

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Jessica, you are now officially a STAR of the Sidewalk Blog!
      Thank you for the highest compliment I can receive…..a good laugh. Your support keeps me writing! Love you, Jess.

  4. cristina ridl says:

    That turned my night around. Thanks for that.

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Hey Cristina, thank you for such a wonderful compliment. It means the world to me if I helped brighten someone’s day or night. Thanks for reading and being a great “Blend” (Blog Friend)

  5. cristina ridl says:

    No problem. My cousin Jessica put the link to your blog on here. I plan on keeping up with it. Very very interesting. Cannot wait to read more.

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