Ever since I started this Blog it was my goal to post late Sunday evening.   I always thought it would be nice if my Blends (Blog friends) could start off a Monday work week with a little humor instead of a huge sigh.  I hope this blog meets that goal.


For those of you that know me you know that I am telephonally challenged. I don’t understand why, but there may be some deep seeded fear of pushing the wrong button.  I am not so old that I didn’t grow up a telephone.  We always had phone, but it was attached to the wall and you “dialed “ it.  For my young readers, go to Google Images and type in “rotary phone.”   The pictures that come up should be worth a laugh or two.   I know what you are thinking.   You are probably wondering if our fingers got sore from dialing all those numbers.  Believe it or not, we didn’t actually call that many people and when we did the phone number was 4 numbers!   Actually the 4 number thing didn’t last that long.   City prefixes came into effect and now we were talking 7 numbers.  But 7 is still less than half of the 15 numbers I have to punch in at work to call long distance.  (Actually me and phone skills at work are a whole other blog)  But let’s not digress.  I was talking about the good old days of the telephone.   I LIKED that the phones were attached to the wall.  You always knew where the phone was.  You always knew exactly where to go to answer the phone.  When m cell phone rings, God only know where I will have to go to answer it.  If I am lucky, it (the cell phone) will be in my purse on the kitchen table.  If I am not so lucky, it will be between the couch cushions.  If I am unlucky, it will be in the laundry basket in the pocket of a pair of pants that thankfully I haven’t washed yet.  If I am really unlucky, I will have no idea where the stupid phone is.   This happened to me last night.  Thankfully too, I still have a land line (as it is called, I believe).  Not that I can remember two phone numbers but how would I call my cell phone if I only had a cell phone?  Anyway, I called my cell phone 3 times.  It (the cell phone) was not in the usual places listed above.  Much to my relief it wasn’t downstairs in the laundry room (the second call) which means I didn’t wash it.  It also wasn’t in between the seats in my car (the third phone call.)  So at 7:30 pm I have to call my parents and ask my dad to go out into the freezing cold garage and crawl around in the backset of his car to look for my phone.  A few minutes later my dad called me back to say the phone had been found.   I guess it (the cell phone) had fallen out of my purse when we went out for supper.  My dear, sweet dad offered to drive over to my house and drop off my phone.  I declined the offer.  I am the one that can’t keep track of the phone.  I should be the one to go back out into the dark, cold, snowy night to retrieve the dam thing (the cell phone).  After getting the phone from my parents I called my son who had tried to call me when my phone was sitting lost in the backseat of my parents car.  My son is concerned about my cell phone situation and rightly so.  See, all Alltel phone users in North Dakota are getting new cell phones. My son explained it to me about 50 times now.  It has something to do with Verizon buying out Alltel, the Sherman Antitrust Act, and AT&T only having GSN capabilities.  Like I understand any of this, except for the fact that the cell phone I just got fairly comfortable with is going got be replaced with a completely different phone.  My son suggested to me that I might have to read the cell phone’s manual when I get the new phone since he is away at school and won’t be able to show me how to use the phone.   At first I was a little offended by the comment. The conversation went something like this:

Me:  Nik, I am a librarian.  I do know how to read.

Nik:  Yes mom, but will by be able to understand the cell phone jargon.

Me:  What do you mean?

Nik: Well, they may use words like “send” instead of dial, or “keys” instead of buttons. Will you know what alphanumeric, analog, digital, broadband, or Bluetooth mean?

Me:  Do I have to know what any of those words mean?

Nik:  You probably will come across them when you read the manual.

Me:  Ok, I get the point.  I probably won’t understand much of the manual even if I can read it.

Tell me this, do I still say, “hello” when I answer the phone?

Nik:  Only if you successfully set up your ringtones


I am so screwed.





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2 Responses to Hello?

  1. Amy says:

    Your goal worked!! I started off my Monday morning work week laughing out loud!! I’m so with you on the cell phone thing. I LOVE my phone right now and dreading the new one! Thanks for starting off me week with a laugh!!

  2. mickeyrenner says:

    I am so glad that I helped you start your week off with a laugh.

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