Short term um

My second Blog-goal was to post on a Wednesday evening.  Thursdays are a good day for a laugh. Fridays I figure start out with a smile in most cases anyway.

I was thinking some more about my inept telephone skills.  The more I thought about it the more I realized that I am overall “technologically challenged.” As much as I would love to blame the Electronic Age for exploding instead of evolving so I could keep up with it, it isn’t that.  It is me and my short term memory or the lack there of.  I am not referring to the natural aging process when retrieval time slows down to a painfully slow pace or becomes nonexistent.  Nor am I talking about early on-set of dementia.  I have had short term memory problems as far back as I can remember. [Actually, I think I have long-term memory problems too, but I can’t quite remember right now.] If I remember correctly my short term memory issues probably stared around the age of 7.  I remember exactly.  It was a Monday morning of second grade.  The teacher handed out of list of 15 words and announced that on Friday we would be TESTED to see if we could spell these words from memory.  I looked at the impossible list.  The neurons in my brain began transmitting this information when a synapse in my brain snapped.  The only message I received was, “you’ll never remember how to spell all those words.”   Thus the limitations of my short term memory were set for life.  Luckily I was able to do some minor re-wiring at the cellular cerebral level so that the neurons would transmit the message, “with enough repetition you will remember how to spell some of the words until just after the test.”  Good thing I got this message, otherwise I would still be in second grade! I have to be honest.  re-wiring in my case is a slow process.  It took me 6 years until I finally got my first (and last) 100% on a spelling test.  I don’t actually remember getting a 100% on a spelling test, except for the fact that I kept the test and put it in a scrapbook.  I just knew that perfect spelling test was an once-in-a-lifetime happening.  I also was grateful that the re-wiring held out for the rest of my formal education.  The key word here is “repetition.”  If I went over the lessons enough times before the test I did fairly well on the tests.  After that I am assuming the information was erased permanently.   It makes me think of that cleverly titled book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. I never went to Kindergarten so that explains a lot.   Having such a short term memory deficiency is a hardship.  I am constantly looking of my keys, the cell phone (of course), important papers, a cup of whatever I am drinking, the remote, or whatever I had in my hand and then had the misfortune of setting down someplace.  I have embarrassed myself a countless number of times by forgetting names, faces, times, dates and lots of other important information.  (At least, I think I did. I really can’t remember.)   But let’s do that “cup half full thing.”  There is a positive side to having a limited short-term memory.   I can endlessly watch the Hallmark channel.  I can watch re-runs on TV all the time.  I have seen every episode of Law & Order: SVU, Law & Order: CI, Without A Trace and Murder She Wrote.  As long as there is about a week time lapse, I am good to watch again.  Every once in a while something may flash in my mind that seems familiar, but it doesn’t matter because I for sure don’t remember the ending.  Such limited short term memory also means I don’t have to keep a list of books I read or movies that I have seen.  I don’t even go into the movie rental store with my son anymore.   The last time I did this was the conversation we had:

Me:  Let’s watch this movie

Nik:  We already saw that one.

Me: We did?   What was it about?

Nik:  You know, it was about that horse.

Me:  Which horse?

Nik:  That horse that lady bought and it (the horse) ended up winning the Triple Crown.

Me:  Ya, maybe.   But didn’t that horse win a bunch of races?

Nik (Complete silence)

Me:  Wait, now I think I remember.  Wasn’t the lady a secretary or something like that?.

Nik:  The horses name was Secretariat

Me:  Oh, ya.  Now I remember.  I really liked that movie.  We could watch it again.

Nik:  Uh, mom, we just watched it last weekend.

Me:  Funny,that I don’t remember

Nik (Eye rollage)


P.S. I had more to write but I really can’t remember.




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2 Responses to Short term um

  1. Brenda says:

    I am also memory challenge…. Trying to remember all the student names quarter after quarter, year after year, what I have copied and ready for class and what I don’t, when I last had the oil changed in the car, or what the last 5 years of inservices were about so I can renew a certificate… Ummm… yeah, me too!! 🙂

  2. Rhoda Hilden says:

    I’m still laughing. Thanks for sharing…this memory thing is not a problem if you write everything down and don’t lose the piece of paper.

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