A Sweet Valentine’s Day Story

I am still new at this blogging business, but I think a good blogger allows for a “guest writer.”  My niece, Grace Renner, shared the sweetest Valentine’s Day story.  She took the time to write such a wonderful account of what actually happened to my brother, Dave, on Valentine’s Day.  She then shared the story with family and friends.  She gave me permission to share the story with my Blog friends.   I think you will find the story very heartwarming.

Thank you, Grace, for letting me post your story.

Note:  my additions are in brackets [] and italicized.


“The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways”   By Grace Renner


This morning [Valentine’s Day] at about 8:15am my Dad called me laughing in the background, hearing a sense of confidence in his voice, repeating to me that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Just for a recap of my father [he is a ] deeply faithful Catholic man.  He is well organized, NEVER late (unless me or my Mom have something to do with it) and somehow in EVERY situation, he comes prepared. [Grace, that is because he was a Boy Scout]


This morning he told me that when he arrived at work, he routinely reached for his keys which would be connected to his belt on his left side (because he is left-handed), to unlock his shop.  I am telling you everything has a spot and a function and a rhyme and a reason.  He realized that they were not where they most definitely should be.  He remembered that he had switched belts yesterday morning and didn’t put the keys on the one he was going to be wearing today.


So, here is my Dad, loading himself back up into his car to drive back to Mandan [from Bismarck] to get the keys that he can already see in his mind where they were at the house.  In all the years this man has been going to work to unlock sheds, shops, building cars, etc., I can count on my [one] hand the number of times he has done something like this; maybe 3 times.[Unlike his sister who has shed a fair share of tears over lost keys] I can picture him going over the scenario in his head pinpointing exactly where he made the mistake, while listening to Prairie Public radio driving west back home and then back to Bismarck to begin his Monday


When he arrived home, he walked through the front door to find our dog, Pearl, whose head was stuck inside of a dog biscuit container.  She was lying down and struggling with all four paws to get the container off from around her neck and off her head.  When she heard my dad’s voice asking her what in the world she was doing, she slinked down the hallway in embarrassment and humility.  She knew that she was naughty for eating the entire container of dog treats and even more naughty to be so glutinous as to stick her head down the opening to make sure that every morsel was spoken for.  Sure as heaven, Dad fought to free Pearl from her doggy dilemma.  Dad told me that there would have been no way she could have gotten that off her head by herself and that there would have been a good chance she would have suffocated.


We both concluded that he forgot his keys today to drive home to save her life.  God was most definitely working this morning, because that little dog brings more entertainment and joy to our family than you can imagine!


As for the keys, they were clipped to the RIGHT side of the belt that he was already wearing!



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5 Responses to A Sweet Valentine’s Day Story

  1. Deb Sheffield says:

    It runs in the family, I see! Lovely story! :o). Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day!

  2. Amy says:

    Love this story!!! It is the sweetest one I’ve heard for this Valentine’s Day!!

  3. MIchele Renner says:

    The Lord is with us everyday and takes care of us in sometimes mysterious ways. Knowing all parties involved with this story – it is funny and remarkable.

  4. so true, very nice story, thank you Grace

  5. Brenda says:

    God does work in mysterious and wonderful ways! Our pets are such a part of our families and bring us such joy and entertainment!

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