Neti Pot Update

I did the netty pot and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.   It took me a couple of days to actually work up the nerve to try it.  Since then I have “irrigated” my sinuses a couple of times.

The natural gravity flow really does work.  I am not an expert, but I think the key is to bend far enough forward.  Then you lean your head to the same side as the nasal passage that the solution will be draining from.   The “up” nostril is the one you put the netty pot spout up to and just pour.  There is a slight tingling sensation in the nasal cavities but nothing like what I expected.  The key is to use distilled water.  I found out that my brother Jayme is a netty pot expert.  His advice was to warm the water up for 20 seconds in the microwave so that you pout a slightly warm solution through your sinus passages instead of cold water.   I really thought that the water solution filling my nasal passages was going to make me feel like I was drowning and I would panic.   I even envisioned the water coming out of my eyes.   The water solution flowed gently through my sinuses and I was left, standing, alive and with a great cleansing feeling.   I had imagined that the EMTS would find me sprawled out in a puddle of water on the bathroom floor clutching a little plastic teapot in my hand.  As they  checked for any signs of life they would shake their heads and comment on the fact that I wouldn’t be having trouble with my sinuses anymore.

Seriously, I now want to correct my spelling.  When my doctor said netty pot, I thought “netty” as in rhyming with Betty.  Thanks to Google I now know it is Neti.  This technique of pouring a salt water solution into one nostril and letting it run out through the other using gravity as an aid is an old yogic technique known as jala neti. [yogic which refers to yoga and not Yogi Bear]  Neti is Sanskrit for “nasal cleansing”. Sanskrit is the liturgical language of Hinduism and Buddhism.   I also found out there is another method called sutra neti that uses a piece of string instead of water.  I stopped my research right there.  TMI!  I don’t even want to think about threading a string through my nasal passages.

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