I Love/Hate Murphy

Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will. Boy is that ever true!  I personally have this strange love/hate relationship with Murphy.  I LOVE him because he so simply states his perception which seems to be a universal truth.  I don’t know about you, but my life is governed a lot by Murphy’s Law.  I HATE him because he so simply states his perception which seems to be a universal truth.  Whoever this Murphy guy is (or was) he put this thought of things going wrong out there in the universe.   Since “thoughts are things” we are now dealing with a whole world of things going wrong.   But before I take on the whole world, let me expound on a more personal level.  Murphy’s Law really kicks in when I attempt to clean house.   I hate dusting because it is such a mindless chore.  Plus, I am thoroughly convinced that as I am dusting off surfaces, the dust is just flying through the air and landing someplace else.  Even if I use a dusting spray I see flurries of dust dancing off all sides of the dusting mitt on their journey to another already dusted surface.  I guess it would help if I dusted more often instead of waiting until it looks like a small volcano erupted in my house and covering every available surface white ash.  The TV screen is the worst.   A person can wipe it off every single day.  There must be some Law of Physics that says every dust particle in the room will gravitate towards the television screen.  If the TV screen is already covered and dust particles are still in motion they will land on DVD’s, DVD players, cable boxes, speakers and entertainment units.  All these things are black of course.   BTW, I don’t think it is a very good idea to wipe off the TV screen with a wet rag while you are watching it.  This has something to do with Murphy’s Law,  the laws of electricity and water.   For all the dust that doesn’t land on surfaces it lands on the carpet.  This means the need to vacuum.  This is really where Murphy’s Law kicks in for me.  I will vacuum an entire room only to discover that I had it set on “cleaning tools.”  When I vacuum the hallway, I cannot reach the last 2 inches of carpet because the cord just does not reach.   When there is enough cord it is constantly in the way.  It seems I am continuously flipping the cord out of the way so I don’t vacuum over it.  Vacuuming over the cord constitutes having to replace a belt on the vacuum cleaner and wrapping the damaged cord with electrical tape.  [This would provide Murphy with endless opportunities of mayhem.]  Today when I was flipping the cord out of the way I managed to flip the cord around my glass of ice water and spilled it onto the carpet.  Oh well, I guess I was done vacuuming that room anyway.  Murphy’s Law does not let up when I am trying to clean those floors that aren’t carpeted.  If I use the WetJet to scrub I will run out of solution half way through the job.   If I feel like I really need to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floor I will knock the scrubbing bucket over when I am backing my way down the hallway.  Actually, this would be a borderline case of Murphy’s Law.   Dumping the water bucket is considered “going wrong.”  However, on the “cup half full” side of things, the scrubbing job speeds up as I try to catch the water before it flows under the stove and refrigerator.  Giant wet dust bunnies have a distinct odor.   Let’s look at Murphy’s Law in the bathroom.  Erma Bombeck is credited with this sub-clause to Murphy’s Law:  “Anything that falls in the bathroom will land in the toilet.” Agreed!  Then there is cleaning mirrors.   I have yet to find a glass cleaner that is truly “streak-free.”  Of course it does make it harder to attain streak- free when Murphy makes me spray the whole mirror with Pledge furniture polish first.  I HATE Murphy because nobody in their wildest imagination can come up with the stuff he does.  Today I took a load of bath towels out of the dryer and put it into a laundry basket.  Then I piled the clothes that I had hung up to dry on top of the basket.  These clothes were all still on hangers.  This means that when I picked up the laundry basket a pants hanger caught on my shoelace unbeknownst to me.  I took one step and then proceeded to get tripped up in a pants hanger hooked to my shoelace.  I and the laundry basket fell over.  I fell on top of the basket that was now  rolling on its side.  I rolled off the basket onto my butt and elbows.  Luckily, this all happened in the privacy of my laundry room.  Since it is snowing here in North Dakota once again I am still wearing long sleeves and won’t have to explain black and blue marks on my elbows.  I LOVE Murphy because so many stupid things can be blamed on his Law.  Ahhhh, the joy of not having to take responsibility for one’s own stupidity.

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3 Responses to I Love/Hate Murphy

  1. Brenda says:

    Mickey & Murphy — what a great couple!! I think that Murphy is stepping out on you, though, because I have seen plenty of him too!

    • mickeyrenner says:

      LOL, Brenda. Ya he gets around. He must especially likes to hang out at eating establishments because getting an order right lately is really a challenge. Case in point, Paige’s Nachos…..”where’s the beef.”

  2. Murphy has been around for sometime and we have just begun, so maybe the older generation do know something but times are changing and we too must change??

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