One Walk, One Day

Since I am assuming that you are reading this while sitting at your computer or sitting with your laptop I don’t feel the need to forewarn you to sit down.  What I am about to say will SHOCK my family and friends.  I took a 30 minute walk today! I kid you not!  I actually got up off the couch and walked around the Rocky Butte Trail a couple of times.  Of course, before I went for a walk I ate a Cookie Dough Twisted Frosty and afterwards I took a 2 hour nap.  But, hey it is a start and I hope to do it again sometime soon.  Today was our first really, beautiful spring day.  The sun was shining, the wind speed was below 20 mph and the temperature was a balmy 63 degrees.  With these weather conditions I felt obligated to take a walk.  (Especially since it may snow on Saturday.)  I enjoyed the walk as much as I am able to enjoy any activity that is considered exercise.  There are though a couple of things I need to make note of if I ever decide to do this again.

Note to self:  Wear a sports Bra

My wonderful sister gave me Skechers.  I absolutely love walking in those shoes.  I personally can feel the extra pull in my butt-flab with each step I take.  Thinking I am successfully tightening some of the saggiest muscles in my body, I tend to stomp down a little harder than normal.  This puts an extra bounce in my already Skecher-bouncy steps.  The double bounce in my steps causes a “couple of things” to double jiggle.  Unfortunatley, double jiggling causes more sagging which is definitely something I don’t need at this time.  As it is, I don’t understand why at this point in my life my boobs have this desperate need to grow to the ground.

Go figure! (pun intended)

Note to self:  Walk the loop right to left

I personally like to walk left to right around the park to avoid walking up the steep hill on the north side.  Evidently, I am the only one with this perception.  Everyone else was walking right to left.  It was awkward passing the same people 12 times.  The first time you can say hi, the next 11 times you just look at each other with a dopey grin on your faces and look critically at each other for signs of slowing down.  Anyway, I think they are looking at me.  I am not really sure because everyone else was wearing sunglasses and earbuds.  These people were serious, experienced walkers.  One person even had some measuring device strapped around her arm.  I suppose it was measuring heart rate.  I definitely don’t need one of those since I could hear my heart pounding in my chest in rapid response to months of being sedimentary. I wouldn’t mind wearing device that tallied up the calories that I was walking off.   That way I could justify eating a couple jelly beans when I was done walking.

Note to self:  Wear socks and a T-Shirt you don’t mind sweating in

When I decided to take a walk, I just walked out the door.  I didn’t take a cell phone, no sunglasses, no listening device of any kind and no heart monitor.  It was just me and my legs.

I happened to be wearing my favorite Tinkerbell T-shirt.  The first time around the loop I was doing alright.  However, the second time around the 63 degree sun was beating down on my black T-shirt and I was really starting to sweat.  By the time I got home, Tinkerbell had to be thrown into the wash machine with the sweaty socks I peeled off my feet.  Frequent washing will cause my laundry room  drain to clog up again and with each washing Tinkerbell fades away into oblivion.  From now on a plain, light colored t-shirt with a matching sports bra is the way to go.  Also, I think I can buy some sweat absorbing socks.  I am not really sure, because usually I have cold feet, both literally and figuratively.  I will have to look into this possibility because if the temperature raises one degree I will be pouring sweat out of my awesome Skechers.

Note to self: Take my cell phone with me on my walk

I don’t need my cell phone with me because I am afraid I am going to miss the call that tells me I won a million dollars.  No, I need my cell phone with because my son said so.  Here is the lecture I got today.

Nik:  Where were you?  I tried calling and you didn’t answer at home or on your cell phone

Me:  I went for a walk

Nik:  You went for a walk without taking your cell phone!!!!!!

Me:  I don’t need my cell phone while I am walking for 30 minutes.

Nik: Yes, Mom, you do.  Your cell phone has GPS tracking

Me:  I am walking around Rocky Butte Park.  I won’t get lost.

Nik:  You are totally missing the point.  What if you have a heart attack, roll down the hill and die?   How will we ever find your body?

Me:  Cadaver Dogs?  Seriously, won’t another walker see me?

Nik: No, they are all wearing sunglasses and earbuds.

Me:  Ya, you are right about that.

Nik:  Mom, you are probably the only person in the world who doesn’t exercise with an MP3 Player.

Me:   What’s an MP3 Player?

Nik:  Can you just listen to me for once and please take your cell phone with when you go walking from now on.

Me:  I guess it would be handy in case I would need to call 911 for some reason.

Nik:  And you do know that your new cell phone will be activated tomorrow.  Are you ready for the transition? Did you charge the battery, transfer your contacts and set up your speed dialing?

Me: Um…..I know I put that box with the new phone that came in the mail 2 months ago someplace safe.  Right now I really can’t seem to remember where that safe place is. Can I somehow use its GPS capability to find the phone itself?

Nik:  No and you best get busy and find that phone ASAP.

Me:  What happens if I don’t find my phone and I miss my activation day?

Nik:  I think they round everyone up that misses their activation day and put them and their non-activated phones in a Dead Zone.   Bye Mom.

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5 Responses to One Walk, One Day

  1. Very good, I like the details, the notes to self and the talk. Keep up the good work.

  2. Virginia Grantier says:

    Don’t know if you remember me… I’m the one that interviewed you and wrote a story about your book for the Bismarck Tribune. How are ????? Have you written more books? Hope so. You’re a talent. Hey, have a question for you. I’ve been laid-off and it’s hard finding journalism jobs right now. I’ve always loved libraries, spending time in them. Love the atmosphere. Was thinking about maybe getting a library job. What would you recommend? Do I need to get a master’s in library science? (My bachelor’s’ is journalism). Or should I just find an entry level job and work my way up?
    Have a fun day! Hope to hear from you. Virginia

  3. Kath says:

    OMG this is hilarious! They all are! I missed a month and I missed alot!! If only I had spent more time with Sidewalk Thoughts in April everything else would have been better. Mickey, you are truly medicine for my soul!!

  4. Kath says:

    OMG this is hilarious! They all are!! I missed a month and I missed alot. If only I had spent more time on the computer with Sidewalk Thoughts, everything in April would have been better!! Mickey, you truly are medicine for my soul!!

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