Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

I am one of the lucky people that was born to wonderful parents.  I wasn’t born to PERFECT parents, but I was born to the exact right ones for me.  I love my mom and dad exactly for who they are.  And who they are today is a happily married couple for 61 years. Lucky for me, I also got in this family deal, 7 of the very best friends anyone could ever hope for.  Actually they are better known as my brothers and sisters. Here is a poem I would like to share in my blog on this special day in the Ted Renner Family.

Renner Family Story Time In Rhyme

Dad grew up on a farm near St. Anthony

He was born on January 10, 1933

He watched the dirty 30’s blow by the kitchen window

And watch cattle perched atop a horse with his bottle in tow

(Oh, that would be a baby bottle you know)

He went to boarding school, served mass and caused all kinds of heck

Until Sister Hugo threw him to the ground and stood on his neck

(She was the last person to do this, because after that anyone who tried got decked)

Mom grew up in Mandan in the little pink house in syndicate

Her family was poor and she never wore her own cat that fit

(Does that explain why when it comes to buying coats she cannot quit)

She had a wonderful friend who lived near by

They were sweet, inseparable and did lots of crazy stuff on the sly

Both Mom and Dad went to Mandan high and boy was high school grand

But since mom was in shorthand and dad was in math they had to meet during summer band

Mom noticed a 98 pound trumpet player that could blow a mean note

Dad noticed mom’s short skirt and the baton that she tote

Now if I have the story right this is how it went down

Mom’s boyfriend saved Dad who almost drown

Mom then dumped the hero, athletic, jock

For the featherweight who swam like a rock

But now after 61 years of marriage have gone by

It is obvious that Mom did choose the right guy

Let’s go back to 1951 when all the wedding bliss begun

Two young lovers, life was hard, but carefree and fun

Then Dad had to leave and serve his country in Korea

He left Mom with a colicky baby, O poor Maria.

And then the family grew one after another

Until every sister had her own brother

4 boys and 4 girls made up the whole Renner clan

And 2 parents doing the very best that they can

Let’s start with 1306 West Main

It is amazing our parents did not go insane

7 kids, 1 bathroom and renters downstairs

7 kids pulling pranks, stunts and devilish dares

Sledding downhill into the highway below

Or lighting the hill and watching the fire grow

Going to the river and jumping on slabs of ice

Hiding a shoebox to thaw frozen mice

Model cars, Lincoln logs, baby toys and dolls

Scrapes and stitches and countless falls

Neighborhood kids coming and going, out and in

Neighborhood games that not everyone could win

Schooldays with homework, projects and class

Altar boys, confessions and daily mass

Advent, Lent and special holiday traditions

Mom and Dad must have been a couple of magicians

Dad got his teaching degree and followed his fate

The whole family moved to Dickinson in 1968

We renovated a house to fit us on Sims Street

And then baby sister Jodi was born and that was pretty neat

In the summer we spent weekends camping at Heart Butte

In the fall the boys went hunting to learn how to shoot

Dad taught them all well

And boy do they have the stories to tell

In winter we concentrated on school or hung out at the ice skating rink

In the spring, well we did things and didn’t stop to think

Besides teaching Dad was involved in housing projects and other schemes

It allowed him to build Mom’s house of her dreams

Enough bedrooms so hardly anyone had to be paired

A huge dining room where meals were always shared

The house was timely as some of us had grown

And began to start having families of our own

The grandchildren started coming one or even two a year

The house was the perfect place to celebrate holiday cheer

At Christmas time the living room was a sight to see

Every family in the designated spot where they were supposed to be

Toddlers and babies ripping fits open as fast as the paper would tear

Everyone talking and laughing without a single care

The house glowed red from the lights from the Christmas tree

All of us crammed into the living room exactly where we wanted to be

Mom filled the kitchen with all our favorite holiday food

And the magic of Christmas enchanted everyone’s mood

The spirit of Christmas filled our hearts from above

And we were totally surrounded by the people we love

The grandkids grew up, families moved away and around

But as a family we will always be bound

No matter how far apart we are, our heart still fell like one

Because Mom and Dad taught us how real love is done

Sometimes I wonder what we would do without each other

Because we are always there for one another

Mom and Dad remain our central pillar of strength and hope

And each of us has a special gift to help one another to cope

Dave’s knowledge of life is so in-depth and understanding

He helps us see things a little differently when life becomes too demanding

Kath is completely strong will and determination

She’ll tell you that you have everything you need to succeed

She’ll give you a pep talk and cheer you on

Then gently remind you to let faith take the lead

Mike is all about strength of character and how it is possible to set our minds free

To learn and grow each day to become the person we were meant to be

Te will do anything for anybody that has any request of any kind

He gives freely and generously with his whole heart, soul and mind

Mary is so gentle, so sensitive, her personality so warm

She will jump on your boat and ride with you through any storm

Jayme is such a comfort, so easy to talk things through

After all angles of his wisdom you began to se that there possible is something you can do

Jodi we never wanted to let grow up

She was always to be our little dear

But she showed us all that in this life

You can do anything, even what you fear

We want to thank our in-laws

Jill, Jay Collette, Kim, Luis and Michele

For standing by us all the while

For bringing to our family: joy love, happiness

And the many things for which we can smile

We want to thank our own children, all of Mom and Dad’s grandchildren

Michael, Grace and Hank

Mandy, Amy and Sarah

Jessy and Casey

Julie and Jessica

Andre and Jayme

Vic,  our own angel in heaven

Junebug and Nik

You are the next generation of Renners to carry on the family pride

But do it like we did, side-by-side

Make good decisions for yourself

Life will throw in some bad ones all on its own

But remember all of us, Grandma and Grandpa included

Will be here to make sure you are not going it alone

Mom and Dad,

Thank you for teaching us to work hard, to do our best and how to be an awesome family

Thank you for teaching us values, faith and how to love unconditionally

We are so proud to be part of the Ted Renner Family

And we thank you Mom and Dad, whole heartily

We love you both more than any words can say

And we thank God for being our parents, everyday

Happy 61st Anniversary

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12 Responses to Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

  1. Brenda says:

    What an amazing tribute to your parents! You are so talented, Mickey!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Deb Sheffield says:

    What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful set of parents! Happy Anniversary to my Mom’s best friend and her husband; it would be so nice if she were here to celebrate 61 years with them… :o)

  3. Jayme says:

    Mick, Awesome, Awesome Awesome!

  4. Mandy Learn says:

    I’m sure this brought tears of joy to many. You did a fantastic job!

  5. becky says:

    loved it mick–that renner pride is moving down to about the 5th generation around here. always appreciated how your mom and dad could make everyone feel important and special–hope that we have done that for them on occasion! happy anniversary uncle ted and aunt marie

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Hey Becky, I am glad that you liked the poem. I read your comment to my mom and dad and they were so touched by what you said. Let’s face it, all generations of the Renners are special people.

  6. Mary Mercado says:

    This is absolutely wonderful Mickey. So “authorietically”…I made that word up….done. But I can’t begin to descibe how talented you are to pull peom, stories, meaning, ryhme, and grammar all together for a wonderful tribute. Mom better frame this one! Thanks for making Dad and Moms Anniversary special. Love you, sis.

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