2013, Lots of Luck

First and foremost I wish all my blog readers a healthy, happy and hopeful New Year!  If you made any resolutions, I wish you tremendous amounts of success.  I personally do not make any resolutions, as they last about 5 minutes.  If I am determined to eat healthier in the New Year, I am bound to have a caramel roll for breakfast.  If I am determined to start exercising I am bound to take a two hour nap in the afternoon.  I have the will power of a gnat.  But in all sincerity I do send out to all my readers all the best wishes for 2013.  That being said, I have to admit I am not thrilled to be in a year that ends in ’13.’  I am not super superstitious but black cats make me nervous and ladders in general scare the cap out of me.  [Although I think the ladder issue has more to do with my klutziness.  If an alarm clock can break my foot I can only imagine what damage I can do with a ladder.]  My grandfather was superstitious.  I remember my mom telling me that he believed if you heard an owl hooting someone was going to die.  Sure enough one day after work I got out of my car and heard an owl hooting.  I stopped “dead” in my tracks to listen if the hooting was actually coming from my yard or hopefully maybe from the neighbor’s yard.  After some investigating, much to my disappointment, I discovered an owl perched in the tree in my backyard hooting to beat the band.  Lucky for me the tree died!

I also hope that over the Christmas holidays each and every one of you had the opportunity to spend some quality time with family and even make a positive memory or two to hold in your heart.  We all know this isn’t a perfect world and that family relationships can be tricky at times.  But time spent with family during the Christmas season can be a special gift.  With four brothers and three sisters not everyone can always get together for Christmas.  My sister, Jodi, was able to come home this hear for Christmas and getting to spend time with her was in itself a great present.  My sister lives in Virginia now but she did grow up here in Dickinson.  We went shopping together one afternoon and she got to experience the new Oil Boom Dickinson. Needless to say she was not impressed.  At the first store we went to she had to explain three times to the salesman what a docking station for and XM radio station was.  Keep in mind that my sister is a Sergeant Major in the Army National Guard.  I was very impressed that she was fairly patient during the three explanations.  During the third explanation I could detect a slight tone of total exasperation in her voice so I grabbed her by her arm and told whispered in her ear that I had to pee really badly.  I just wanted to get her out of the store before she told the guy to “drop and giver her 50.”   Our next stop was even more of an adventure.  While we were looking around the electronics section of a department store this junior high girl comes up to my sister and asks her if she knew where the ox cords were.  First of all my sister was wearing a huge winter coat, commando boots and didn’t look at all like a salesperson.  What possessed this girl to ask her to help her find an ox cord I will never understand.  Again, I was impressed that my sister calmly and politely informed the girl that she didn’t work at the store.  After our encounter with the salesman at the previous store I expected my sister to shout out, “Do I look like I am an employee here?  Do you not see that I am not wearing a red vest or a name tag? And what the hell is an ox cord?”  Now in my mind I am trying to picture an ox cord.  The image I come up with is the umbilical cord of a baby ox.  This disgusting picture lead to the thought of what one would use it for.  The only thing I can come up with is to cast a spell on someone.  I take a step back and am more than ready to leave the store.  But my fearless sister is curious, so she pursues the topic by telling the girl that she does not know what she means by an ox cord.  The girl, not caring that my sister isn’t wearing an employee red vest goes on to tell us that an ox cord is on her brother’s Christmas wish list and it is some sort of cord that attaches some sort of device to some sort of another device.  The next thing I know my sister walks halfway down the aisle, grabs something g off the shelf and hands it to the girl.  Jodi says, “You mean and auxiliary cord.  This is what you need.”  My sister and I left the store in fits of giggles.  Obviously the brother wrote down on his list “aux cord” and the sister was just reading off his list.  Ahhhh…. Our public school system at its best!

I am happy to say my Christmas celebration was filled with many, many more happy times with my four brothers, four sister-in-laws, special nieces and nephews and my parents.  [I did miss my other two sisters and two brother-in-laws and hope that future Christmases bring us together.]

We as a family made memories to treasure forever as I hope you all did with your families.

Our Renner family Christmas was made possible by the generosity and caring love of my parents.

Which brings me to very special Birthday Wishes to my Dad, Ted Renner.

Happy 80th Birthday to my Hero!  I love you, Dad

Happy 80th Birthday to my Hero! I love you, Dad

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5 Responses to 2013, Lots of Luck

  1. Deb says:

    Happy Birthday, Ted!!!! Hope your day is going well! Love to you, Mickey, as always…

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Hey my friend, I have sent along you birthday wishes to my Dad. He is very appreciative and thanks yous. For someone you thought he would never make it past 50 is doing GREAT! Love to you, Deb

  2. Amy Learn says:

    I always love reading your blog. Your writing style is fun, and always puts a smile on my face. love you Mickey! ~Amy

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Thank you Amy for the most wonderful compliment! This post wasn’t on the high humorous end of the spectrum, but I wanted to start off the New Year with an attempt at some “warm and fuzzy.” I hope I pulled it off! Love you too!

  3. Mary Mercado says:

    Happy New Year. Thanks for the chuckle. So cute. I’m surprised Jodi stayed so calm. I’m also surprised She wasn’t hired on the spot and given a red vest and a name tag!
    Happy Birthday to Dad. What a great picture. He looks like he has tons of haircuts left yet!!

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