Veterans Day 2013


November 11:   A Day of Patriotism and Honor

All the decisions and choices

That I will be allowed to make today

All the thoughts and ideas

That I want to share or say

All the prayers to the God of my choice

That I want to pray

All the words I want to write

That will not be changed in any way:

Will be because of all our enlisted soldiers

Who will be working tirelessly this day

To make sure these valued freedoms are here to stay

Just as the millions of military veterans before them

Sacrificed everything for the greater good of the USA

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you

For the dedication, courage and patriotism you always display,

And know that I honor each and everyone

On this special Nov. 11th  Veterans Day.

A Special Salute to my heroes:   Lt. Col. Theodore F. Renner USAF (Retired)

Master Sergeant Mary C. Mercado  USAF (Retired)

Sergeant Major Jodi R. Renner   Army National Guard (Active)

Please feel free to add in the comments section your loved ones who deserve special recognition today.

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5 Responses to Veterans Day 2013

  1. Jerry says:

    Ditto for Douglas M. Kelly (KIA-RVN)
    Michael Henry Kessel (KIA-RVN)
    Joel K Kamalolo (KIA-RVN)

    Rest in peace

  2. Julie Wahl says:

    Also thank you to my husband Lt. Col Jerry Wahl who served for 22 years in the Army and AirForce. A thank you for my father in law, Oiver Wahl who served during WW !!.
    Thank you MIckey for posting that tribute to our guys and gals of the past, present and future.

  3. Lt. Col. Theodore F. Renner (Retired) says:

    A million “Thank You’s” are not enough for the wonderful Post !!!

  4. Mary Mercado says:

    What a thoughtful tribute. Happy Veteran’s Day to all those who serve. It’s a family choice. As my sister, thank you for all your support, love, and prayers while I served. Right back at ya, sis!

  5. Deb says:

    Michael H Kessel was my first cousin; we shared a birthday though he was born a few years before me… Awesome post, my first friend! (don’t know why I’m so late in reading it) xoxo

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