Care to Comment?

For my blog followers that know me personally you will be horrified (as I am) to know that I did not complete my last two Bogging 101 assignments to the level of satisfaction that I have set for myself in the past. True disclosure: I got two days behind on the assignments. I tried to catch-up but failed to follow the directions of the assignment and then just didn’t do them. This is radical coming from me, a former teacher.   Especially since, I was one of those math teachers that took off points if you didn’t show all your work. “But I got the right answer” fell on deaf ears and if I didn’t see every single step towards the solution I subtracted points in bright red ink.   Knowing this about myself and knowing I didn’t successfully complete the last two assignments I am left in a quandary. In order to bring order to this moral malady I have come up with a self imposed compromise.

Dear Blogging 101 Instructor: @michelleweber

I apologize for skipping assignments 8 and 9 on the Comment segment of the curriculum. Pleas accept this essay on Comments as a substitute for the two lacking assignments. I am not submitting this essay for course credit but please consider the possibility of awarding me participation points.   Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,



The Consciousness of Comments

One of the unintended consequences of our hi-tech society is that Commenting has become a credible structure of consciousness. There is no where you can surf to on the Internet where you won’t be encouraged to rate your experience, rank your purchase, or write a review. Social Media thrives on our posts, tweets, likes, and comments. Such expansion into the consciousness of Comments calls for some intellectual consideration.  First though, I would like to make a clarification. For the purpose of this essay I will be addressing positive and respectful comments as there seems to be a voice inside my head telling me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

At this point I would like to present three Insights to Leaving a Comment on a WordPress Blog

Insight #1: Comments are Invaluable

Comments are invaluable to everyone. If you leave a comment for the writer you validate for the blogger that someone actually did read your blog posting and that the words you chose to write down touched someone’s life in a way the writer probably did not ever imagine. For you, the commentator, leaving a comment is valuable to you for its intrinsic values. Leaving a positive complimentary comment just may leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Leaving a comment that enhances the blog post or raises a question is an intellectual accomplishment with innumerable responses. Your comment just may educate, inspire or entertain someone beyond any limits you may have ever imagined.


Insight #2: Comments are Instantaneous

Ok, maybe instantaneous is too strong of a word. The point I am trying to make is that if you read a blog and an idea for a comment come almost immediately, then that comment was meant to be shared. In other words, you should not have to dig deep inside your brain for just the right comment. You needn’t force a comment. If the blog really speaks to you the comment will surface fairly quickly without much effort. That, I believe is how leaving a comment actually works. I don’t feel like I am explain this very well, so let me try another way that may be easier to comprehend.

Let talk facebook. Let’s say one of your facebook friends posts 253 pictures from their Christmas trip to Disney World. If you did not win the 1.4 billion dollar lottery on Wednesday you maybe have a job and need to make a living. I say you probably can look through 253 pictures fairly quickly and you may even have time to actually do that. As you swipe through the pictures one here or there may catch your eye. If you pause to take a closer look the picture may remind you of something, somewhere or somebody. That picture you can easily make a comment on. Here are the results: you had fun making a comment, the facebook friend had fun reading your comment, and other creepers had fun trying to figure out what the comment actually meant.  It is a Win-Win-Win situation. I think this view of leaving a comment simplifies the whole overwhelming concept on commenting. Just be in-to-it. If you are still struggling with my attempt to clarify this 2nd Insight, let me try a visual.


I ask you, how hard is it to come up with a comment for this picture?


Insight #3: Comments are Intricate

Comments provide the opportunity to make an infinite number of intricate connections. The obvious connections are the links that are posted and gives us access to another site, which leads to another site, which directs us to another link to another site and so on. They don’t call it the World Wide Web for no reason. It is another type of interconnectedness that I find intriguing. For example on my Blog Post: Identify your Audience a high school friend and classmate left me a comment. The comment was very clever, made me laugh, and made me think about people and events I hadn’t thought about in a long time.   That one witty comment created for me a complex cyber connection that crossed over time and space. For that moment, at least, I was interconnected with my entire graduating class listening to our Valedictorian speaker. I have no way of knowing, but maybe other members of my class had the same thoughts at the same time. If they did, that would have been some intricate synchronicity which invites me to believe that Leaving a Comment is infinitely meaningful.



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3 Responses to Care to Comment?

  1. jansenphoto says:

    You made me ponder! Nice job! Comments are definitely intricate, as they tend to get a life of their own, when a single comment begets several others, creating a cyberworld population filled with denizens of varying ilk and substance.

    There may be a sci-fi story here…

  2. Mary says:

    I’ll comment on your comments! My comment is comments are comments to comment on! OK…seriously…who doesn’t like feedback? In my life, I get good comments, bad comments, stupid comments, serious comments and lots of time unwanted comments. But at the end of the day, when I reflect on all the comments I’ve received, I realize it forms who I am as a person and how I respond to those around me. Sometimes my comments back are good comments, bad comments, stupid comments, serious comments and yup unwanted comments. We’re all in a process and learning to comment is part of life. Thanks for your post! Keep blogging. We love you…and your comments!

  3. mickeyrenner says:

    Hey Sister, Excellent comments on Comments. Thank you for sharing your interesting thoughts on comments. I think maybe the writer inside of you wants to get out. We could be “Sister Bloggers”

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