Our Sister’s Call

This weekend my sister, Sargent Major Jodi R. Renner, begins her 12 month tour of duty so this is my special posting for her from the family.

Our Sister’s Call

You have taken an oath to serve our country

And to take up your post of command

You have been assigned to protect our freedoms

Our values, our citizens, our land

You will give everything you possibly can

And never ask for anything back

I know I can’t go with you

But will you let me help you pack?


Take all the courage you know that you have

And then find some and take even more

For where there is no courage there is fear

And cowardly fear never wins the war


Stand firm on respecting the rights that

Our founding fathers deemed as most important

For there are many who demand respect with

Powerful guns and a meaningless rant


Believe in your country, your commander

Your comrades, our nation as one

For it is our faith in each other

That provides the greatest protection


Fill your heart with love for family, friends, coworkers

And all those whose lives depend on you

For what better defense against the enemy that

Hates all the good that you will do


You will have too much of it when you are lonely and sad

At other times endless responsibilities will fill your day

You may not have time to think, to eat or to sleep

But not matter your schedule always take time to pray


Give it and demand it because strength comes

From unified cooperation and discipline

A weak and easy enemy is one that operates on

Chaos from within


Commit yourself to all those who will look up

to you for guidance and purpose

So they will understand what their dedication

Means to all of us


Our country will remain great if it stands together

For our freedoms, our morals and for what is right

Our enemies will look closely for any division

Or uncertainty that will enhance their fight


Not for the enemy; but for your fellow

Soldiers who also took the oath to serve

Promise them that you will look out for them and

The life we all deserve


As your family, we know you will face challenges every day of your tour

We know you will face fears that you must have the strength to endure

We fervently pray that God guides you and keeps you safe in everything you must do

And with His unrelenting help you come home as a better version of you

Jodi, as you answer your CALL TO DUTY

We are so very proud of you

We are missing everything about you

We are sending all our love with you

Ted and Marie Renner (parents)

David & Jill Renner and Family

Mickey Renner, Nik and Emily Butz

Kathy Renner and Family

Mike & Collette Renner and Family

Ted & Kim Renner and Family

Luis and Mary Mercado and Family

Jayme & Michele Renner and Junebug

Note: The mechanics of this poem was to “pack” something that started with the letters to spell out CALL TO DUTY.  I am not so sure that is visible in the post.

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11 Responses to Our Sister’s Call

  1. Wandering Soul says:

    it is visible.. the acrostics are evident (i think that’s what they are called , not so sure)
    All the very best to Sargent Major Renner. Salute to her and your family. 🙂

  2. Julie Wahl says:

    Beautiful Mickey. Our thoughts and prayers will be for Jodi as she fulfills her duty.

  3. mickeyrenner says:

    Thank you so much Julie for keeping Jodi in your prayers. Every single prayer counts!

  4. simpledimple says:

    May God protect and guide your sister, Jodi, as she obeys her Call to Duty. All the best wishes to her. 🙂

  5. mickeyrenner says:

    Thanks Dad, I appreciate the comment. I wanted to do a good job on it, and if you the Lt. Col. Okays it, that is Great!!!

  6. Mary Mercado says:

    And Mary, Luis, and boys are also on you side, sis Jodi. Oops i think we got skipped! Nice post Mickey. What an uplift and encouragement to our little soldier. May the Lord bless her and keep her and her felderal soldiers safe.

  7. mickeyrenner says:

    I didn’t intentionally skip you and your family Mary. So sorry. A stupid oversight on my part. I would like to echo your words……May the Lord bless her and keep her and her fellow soldiers safe.

  8. Renetta says:

    She is an amazing woman who came briefly into my life and left her mark in a way I’ll always treasure. My prayers go with her and her commends in the Service. God speed my sweet friend and much, much love.

  9. mickeyrenner says:

    Renatta: Thank you for putting into words so well what so many of us believe in our hearts. Thank you for your prayers and best wishes. Much, much, love to you, Mickey

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