Now I am determined to try and understand why for the last 245 days any word from the Daily Prompt Challenge prompted my brain to do a complete shutdown.   I want to know why accessing the linguistic area of the brain is completely denied.  However, just before the dark shadow of oblivion was about to pass over my right frontal lobe, this tiny glimmer of an idea snuck out. I got this idea that maybe I could trick my brain out of its unconscious state with a role playing game.  Heaven knows my mind is always playing ticks on me!    So I get this idea that I would fantasize that I really am at a psychiatrist’s office taking part in the word association analysis.  In my fantasy the good doctor looks more like Fabio than Freud.  Anyway, I am lying on the leather couch with my eyes closed and Dr. Fabio in a deep sexy voice says, “Eclipse.”

In a millisecond I respond, “A virtual haircut.”

At that point I open my eyes and Dr. Freud is leaning over me and saying,  “Vhat fur ein answer ist das?”

Sigmund stares at me blankly, wrinkles his forehead, blinks and says; “Vould you explain dein answer, Ja wohl?

I actually answer no but then I go on to explain that he said “e-clips”.  I immediately thought of the ‘e’ as meaning Internet Explorer and ‘clips’ means haircuts to me.  My answer ignited more conversation.

Dr.  Freud:  Ach Ja, Do you believe a virtual haircut is possible?”

Me: Can I count watching a haircut on YouTube?

Dr. Freud: Vat is das U-Tube?

Me: Forget it.  I actually was fantasizing about my Avatar getting a haircut.

Dr. Freud:  “Ich Versteh nichts.  (translation:  I understand nothing.)

Me in a mumbled voice: “Big surprise there”

Dr. Freud: vould you pleeze  explain mehr (translation: more) uf dis Fantasies?

Me: Nope.   I will only discuss them with Dr. Fabio.


By this time I am realizing the part of my brain responsible for word association capabilities is suffering from a total eclipse of the brain. In which this thoughts reminds me of the song, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”  And now I have that song playing over and over and over  in my head.  And you know how frustrating it is to have a song stuck in your head.  Then if you don’t know any of the lyrics there is a lot of dah-dah-dah rolling around in your head to the melody.  Hey, I just realized that the word “Melody” was the Daily Prompt for September 2nd.   Maybe I will get this one word prompting concept to “turnaround….every now and then I get a little bit……dah-dah-dah.




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2 Responses to Eclipse

  1. Deb says:

    ❤️😂😂😂😂😂❤️ love you (and your sense of humor) my first and forever friend!

  2. Mary Mercado says:

    Nothing like an “ear worm”. I’ll be singing that song all night. Thanks for the post. One word challenge is harder than you think. “Amen” to that. Can that count as my one word or is “Amen” really a complete sentence?!

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