Veteran’s Day 2016

I have never reposted a blog but today I am making an exception.  It is Veteran’s Day and we owe our most sincere thanks to all the brave men and women, past and present, who have served our country to protect our rights and freedoms. Please join me in giving thanks to all of our Veteran’s who answered the……..

Call To Duty

You have taken an oath to serve our country

And to take up your post of command

You have been assigned to protect our freedoms

Our values, our citizens, our land

You will give everything you possibly can

And never ask for anything back

I know I can’t go with you

But will you let me help you pack?


Take all the courage you know that you have

And then find some and take even more

For where there is no courage there is fear

And cowardly fear never wins the war


Stand firm on respecting the rights that

Our founding fathers deemed as most important

For there are many who demand respect with

Powerful guns and a meaningless rant



Believe in your country, your commander

Your comrades, our nation as one

For it is our faith in each other

That provides the greatest protection



Fill your heart with love for family, friends, coworkers

And all those whose lives depend on you

For what better defense against the enemy that

Hates all the good that you will do



You will have too much of it when you are lonely and sad

At other times endless responsibilities will fill your day

You may not have time to think, to eat or to sleep

But not matter your schedule always take time to pray



Give it and demand it because strength comes

From unified cooperation and discipline

A weak and easy enemy is one that operates on

Chaos from within




Commit yourself to all those who will look up

to you for guidance and purpose

So they will understand what their dedication

Means to all of us



Our country will remain great if it stands together

For our freedoms, our morals and for what is right

Our enemies will look closely for any division

Or uncertainty that will enhance their fight



Not for the enemy; but for your fellow

Soldiers who also took the oath to serve

Promise them that you will look out for them and

The life we all deserve



As your family, we know you will face challenges every day of your tour

We know you will face fears that you must have the strength to endure

We fervently pray that God guides you and keeps you safe in everything you must do

And with His unrelenting help you come home as a better version of you






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4 Responses to Veteran’s Day 2016

  1. Mary Mercado says:

    What a beautiful tribute, Mickey. You rocked it with your sincere words. I love it! Happy Veteran’s Day.

  2. Well said! Thank you! Would you add this to letter to editors in the newspapers? More people need to read this!

    • mickeyrenner says:

      Donna, Thank you for the compliment. Good idea about a letter to the editor. Too late for this year. I really did want more people to read it, but didn’t have any ideas how to make that happen. Thanks for always reading my blog!

  3. Deb Sheffield says:

    Love this! Have been thinking of you lots. Have you been to WI to visit the kids yet? What are your Thanksgiving and Christmas plans? We’ll do turkey day with friends from church (I’m making the Pioneer Woman’s yummy mashed potatoes, plus green bean casserole) and Courtney will be home for Christmas. I’m LOVING this long fall we’ve had! Every nice day is a day less of winter! School has been a struggle again this year; I’m not sure I’ll make it working there until age 66. Hobby Lobby is now open here in Pierre, paying about $.20 less/hr than I make after 16 years at school, so I may apply there…?!? I hate such indecision and inner turmoil at this point in my life! You can understand. 😊❤️😊 Until I decide, I’ll plug away. Ugh Hope you’re well and happy, my friend! ❤️ you!


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