A Christmas Story

It has been a very long time since I have posted on my blog.  If  I am looking for excuses they are “a dime a dozen.”  If I am looking for reasons, they are long and complicated.  But something happened today that I must share.  There is no excuse for me to not write this and after you read it , the reason will be very clear.

Early this morning I went to Walmart to do some shopping.  I needed ordinary stuff like laundry soap and light bulbs.  I picked up some Cosamin DS for my mom which is outrageously expensive.  However, it must work because my mom has the bones and joints of someone half her age. Her peri-osteoporosis daughter much prefers the Caltrate Chocolate Soft Chews.  I highly doubt they are as effective but they sure taste great.  Chocolate candy first thing in the morning is definitely my kind of bone health treatment. [ BTW, this is the same daughter that broke her foot by stepping on an alarm clock that was setting on the floor.  It was a 5th metatarsal beak that took 2 casts, 3 foot boots, 2 pairs of crutches, and 10 months to heal. ]  But back to my Walmart shopping.  I also had two more Christmas presents to buy.  Actually three if you count the necklace and earrings that I gifted myself. Plus my cart was full of packages of pop, ice tea, and bottles of Ice Mountain drinking water.   As I head towards my usual checkout from one direction, a young man was approaching from the opposite direction.  It seemed to me that he had already been through the checkout once since he was carrying two plastic Walmart bags. He must have decided that he should “go green” because he had one of those blue Walmart reusable shopping bags and a package of Tic Tacs.  Me and my Christmas cartful stopped and waited for the other guy to go ahead.  Those of you, who know me well, know I am a Walmart regular.  Now that basically the oil boom has busted, I can happily get everything on my list!  Also I don’t have to move open and half empty cheese and cracker snack packages and half cans of Mellow Yellow off the book shelves to find and unstained copy of the paperback copy of Turbo Twenty Three.  This morning like usual, I was at checkout number 13 where Barb is usually cashiering.  Barb was indeed at register number 13, but this morning she was training in a new guy. Lucky guy, because he was being trained by the best.  Barb has worked at Walmart since it opened in Dickinson.  In spite of long days on her feet she is always exact, efficient and friendly.   Best-Cashier Barb and New Guy Cashier were busy helping the guy ahead of me put all his purchases together in the bright blue reusable shopping bag.  I was busy unloading my cart.  The cashier in training started to check out my items but the guy if front of me didn’t move.  Barb realized that he hadn’t moved either so she kindly asked if he had all his purchases and even checked the plastic bag carousal to make sure he had everything.  By now the guy in front of me had stood their maybe a moment too long.  Barb and I shared a questioning glance, while the trainee continued to scan my items for checkout.  The very next moment the guy still standing at the checkout said that he would like to pay for my purchases!  The three of us all stopped and looked at this guy with wide eyes and dropped jaws.  My immediate response was to tell him that he could not do that because I had a full cart and it was way too much stuff.  This mystery man insisted that he wanted to do this for me.  I then thanked him for his very generous offer but I could not accept since I had Christmas gifts that I needed to pay for.   This young man was not fazed by my protests at all.  Mr. New Cashier announced the grand total to be $158.08. The man of great mystery preceded to insert his debit card, punched in some numbers, handed me the receipt, wished us all a “Merry Christmas” and left.  That left the three of us just standing there looking at each other wondering what had just happened.  The new trainee said that he had never seen anything like this ever happen before and I am guessing by the look on Barb’s face, she hadn’t seen something like this in all her years of cashiering either.  I myself was just stunned.  Why would a complete stranger do such a thing?  By the time I drove back home, I decided that evidently this amazing person obviously understands the meaning of Christmas giving way beyond wrapped presents for family and friends.  When I got home I decided to share a shorter version of this story on Dickinson Classified Facebook page.  I ended the story by wishing everyone who reads this to allow their hearts to be filled with the Joy of Christmas and to share it with family friends and even strangers!  Throughout the day over 800 people have liked the post and each one of the 55 comments is profound and heartwarming.  This extremely generous young man not only paid for my Walmart purchases but touched the hearts of over 800 people and spread a tremendous amount of Christmas Joy throughout Our Town of Dickinson.  With so much hate, violence, and meanness in our world, it is a joy to share this Christmas story of generosity and goodness. Merry Christmas to all and “God bless us everyone.”


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4 Responses to A Christmas Story

  1. Deb says:

    A Christmas miracle couldn’t have happened to a nicer person! Merry Christmas, my first and forever friend! 🎄❤️🎄

  2. Renee says:

    What a beautiful, heartwarming & uplifting story. He truly does understand the meaning of Christmas!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a heartwarming story. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. With all the giving you do, it’s only fitting for you to be blessed. This gentlemen just touched the lives of many of us in a positve light. We need more of his love in our society. May he be blessed. Thanks for sharing, Mickey.

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