Did You Get My Message?

Thank you my blends (blog friends) who took the time to read my last blog posting.  I wish I could communicate how very much it means to me.  Thanks to technology I do know some of you who read my blog, but not everyone.  Every reader of my blog is important to me.  I do try and respond to comments but in all honesty I may have hit the Delete” button before the “Comments Menu” button after the “View Message” button and in between the “Respond” Button.  This is a perfect example of not hitting the buttons in the exact right order!  My Bad!! A special thank you to my first and forever friend; Deb.  From now on I am only ordering “Snickerdoodle Cookies.”  That would be sugar cookies and add cinnamon.   Thank you too, my anonymous sister, Mary Mercado, for pointing out that there is always more to the present moment than our phones.

I should clarify that I am not advocating that technology is all bad.   There are definitely some real positives.   For example, learning to press the right buttons in the exact right order is in fact “sequencing” which is a higher level thinking skill.  Not that I would actually know a higher level thinking skill.   After years and years of doing laundry I am still working on the sequence: 1.) Check pockets for Kleenex  2) Then throw the clothes in the washing machine.  As it is, every week the dryer vent looks like I threw a roll of toilet paper in with the whites.  OMG, now that I wrote that statement I am worried my co-workers will think I am the person stealing the toilet paper out of the public restrooms just for shits and giggles.  I swear it is not me but sadly this is  really happening.  We are trying to catch the “butt wiper swiper”  but so far the TP thief is getting away clean!  The toilet paper caper continues to go on and we just have to roll with it. [Side note: This is the type of conversations you have when you work with a bunch of librarians!]  We are quickly headed towards a BYOTP world. (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper)

Sometimes after I post a blog I ask myself if I successfully wrote what I wanted to say.  The answer is:  probably not.  I think this is an important question that doesn’t get asked often enough. Or if it does get asked nobody waits around for the answer.   If your facebook post is more than five sentences we move on to the next newsfeed.   In texting never spell out a word when a single letter will do. K?  In general technology is linked to the message that “less is always better” even when it comes to communication. I am not so sure I buy into this message.  But believe it or not, this message is appealing to our subconscious minds and becoming a way of life. Just my opinion, but I believe this subliminal messaging is dangerous.   Advertising is an excellent example of subliminal messaging.  It is a much better example than playing a 45 record (vinyl)  backwards and getting messages from the devil.   Advertising has been experts since the first TV commercial hit the airwaves.  [Side note: July 1, 1941 a commercial for The Boulova Watch Company]  That fast food commercial for their new ½ pound hamburger is one of my favorites for subliminal messaging.  In those 30 seconds, which drug on forever, a super model was attempting to take a bite of the new ½ pound hamburger with all the fixings.  Let’s break this down.   First of all, there was no way the super model ate a half pound of hamburger in the last five years much less in a 30 second commercial.  Secondly, we the people, were suppose to get the hidden message.  That hidden message being that if you eat this ½ pound hamburger (preferable daily) you would have an 18 inch waist and you could trade in your size 32 yoga bra for an underwire 38 DD.  So not true.  I did have to get rid of my size 32 flexi comfort bra but only because I took a bite and ¼ of the ½ pound that was drenched in ketchup fell onto my “boob-shelf” and soaked through my T-Shirt.    I will share with you another Secret subliminal message.  White wings do not give you a flat tummy and tiny lace underwear.   In this commercial’s defense they did show white wings and I tried to substitute blue wings.  The blue wings came with Sparkle tights and a blue tutu.   If you wear the tutu correctly it does hid your tummy.  However, the tights gave me a red elastic stretch mark around my flabby gut for a week, not to mention really weird looks from other people.

I have to confess that I had hoped my previous blog had a subliminal message.  More than anything I did not want yet another YouTube video posted showing a fast food worker getting physically attacked for getting the order wrong.  I haven’t seen any stories like this on my news app in a while so maybe someone did get my message.

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5 Responses to Did You Get My Message?

  1. Deb Sheffield says:

    You rock, my friend! Here I am again, laughing out loud all by myself! 😂❤️

  2. Renee Paasch says:

    Love your blogs Mickey! They are always so right on!

  3. mickeyrenner says:

    Renee, Thank you so much for the positive feedback. It really helps me! I know you are really jealous that you are missing out on the TP Thief!!!

  4. Mary Mercado says:

    Hey sis. Thank you for “lightening” my day. The world needs more chuckles than sighs! Boob shelf…hee hee. You’re hilarious!

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