What Time is it?

What Time is it?

Which did you just do?  Did you look at the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen, grab your phone or look at a clock on the wall.  Or did you do all three to see if they all have the same time?  Now that we are attached to our cell phones we always know exactly what time it is.  Is knowing the time at all times good or bad?  Well, it is good in that we never should be later for anything at anytime.  It is bad in that are still late for things at times.  Actually I find this “bad” thought a “good” thing.  Even though we are attached to a piece of technology that has us connected to every moment of every day, we as human beings till find endless reason to be late.   If we can still use our imagination to explain away not meeting a deadline, then our brains are not hardwired to the universal atomic time.  Personally I think this is a good thing.  I find it refreshing to know teenagers are still going to miss curfew just like always.  Dads are still going to shout: “You’re late!  Where the hell have you been and you  better have a dam good excuse” just like always.  This means that late for curfew teenagers have to engage their brain in a creative imagination thought process.  Teens of today have to level up their brain activity to come up with better believable excuses.  When I was young we could simply say “I lost track of the time.”   What parent is going to believe that excuse in today’s technological world……NONE! The atomic time keepers of the world feed everyone’s cell phone with the exact correct time to the nanosecond.  The parent knows that their teenager’s phone is set to buzz and beep every five minutes starting an hour before the set curfew time.  In fact the parent probably insisted on this setting.  If the teenager was passed out for 45 minutes and didn’t hear their electronic reminders they better do some high level creative thinking skills to come up with a great excuse.  In my opinion I don’t think “we-were- playing-Star-Wars- Risk-and-having-so-much-fun-we-lost-track-of-time” is going to cut it.  In my day we could say something clever like: “Hey Dad, we were at a dance in a barn where there was no clock and no one thought to wear a watch” and it was a perfectly acceptable excuse.  Quit doing the math and trying to figure out how old I am.  I am almost as old as a barn dance but not quite.

Being older, I can still get by with the excuse that I forgot my phone.  It is that whole sequencing aspect that I am still working on: Keys Purse Phone.    With it being summer I had to add shoes to the sequence which means that on occasion I remember my shoes but forget my phone.  This happened to me the other day when I went to Walmart before I was to meet my friend Brenda for lunch at 11:30.  After the Walmart greeter greeted me and thanked me for wearing shoes, I knew I was in trouble.  Sure enough I checked my purse and I didn’t have my phone.  Just when I actually needed to keep track of the tie, I didn’t have the time on my person.  However, walking down the toilet paper aisle I saw a young man wearing a watch. I felt as if the atomic keepers of time were smiling on me since they sent me an actual person wearing a watch.  So you can imagine my dismay when after I kindly asked him for the time he pulled out his phone and said it was 11:00.  I thanked him but I just couldn’t let it go and walk away.  I had to know.

ME: “May I ask you why you didn’t check your watch for the time?”

Watchman: “Yeah, this is my iWatch and I don’t have the display time setting turned on.”

ME: “What exactly are you watching with your iWatch?”

Watchman: “My weight”

ME: “So you check your watch when you want to know how much you weigh?”

Watchman: “Yeah. My iWatch can also tell me how many steps I took, how many minutes I have spent exercising, how many calories I have burned, how many more calories I need to burn to maintain my ideal weight, my heart rate, my daily average weight and my body mass index. “

ME: “Wow that sleek little black devise tells you all that?”

Watchman: “For sure.  And lots of other stuff too.  It keeps track of when I fall asleep, how many times I wake up during the night, the total number of hours I slept, it graphs my dream cycles, measures the quality of my REM sleep…..

Before he could tell me anything else the iWatch measured while he was in bed, I interrupted him and asked, “But can it actually ever tell you the time?”

Watchman: “Of course it can and in 119 different languages across 24 time zones.   All I have to do is choose the right time setting, but I have my phone for that.”

I thanked the nice young man again and continued down the toilet paper aisle looking for washable Kleenex.  But I kept thing about this young kid and his iWatch.  I couldn’t help imagining that if this kid ever breaks curfew he is going to have a hard time coming up with a believable excuse.   I kept having this vision of the poor kid standing in front of his Dad, vigorously jabbing at the iWatch to make it stop flashing his blood/alcohol level in bright red numbers.



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