What’s the Question?

What’s the Question?

A very special thank you to everyone who read my blog, “liked” it or even left a comment.  Comments are always great because….Hey now we are talking?  Call me crazy (my family has commitment papers within reach) but I really do believe that we need to keep this conversation going.  Why in so many situations we live by the mantra “More is Better!”  [Wait, stop, refocus and please get your minds out of the gutter.  This is Sidewalk Thoughts after all!]  But in today’s high tech society when it comes to communication we tend to be super focused on “Less is Better!”  I really do wonder, why that is?

Remember the family out to dinner who were all looking down at their phones?  I was at a recent similar experience.  I was eating at the table with 5 other people.  Every one of those five people had their heads down concentrating on their phone.  One person was texting and one person was catching a Pokemon (whatever the hell that means).  Two people were pursuing facebook quite quickly.   I say that because there was lots of fast finger forwarding going on.   I suspect they were looking pictures without captions, posts less than 2 sentences long, and 47 second videos with subtitles.  Did you see the one where someone videoed people standing around a underground subway station with a heat sensor camera and a puff of pink smoke comes out from behind this lady? Short caption, short video and I thought it was hilarious.   The other person was playing a word game and she has my utmost admiration.  I am still trying to match 3 colored candies in a row.  I only have 4, 598 levels to go!  I did try a word game once but I got mad when the game won’t let me past level 4 because I couldn’t put 4 letters to make a word.  As it turned out 3 of those letters were vowels and the word itself ended up being a popular word in the mid 14th Century at a monastery in South Wales.  How did I not know that?

At the table everyone was still tapping on their phones when one guy said. “Game night.”  Without looking up the rest of the people contributed to the conversation:


“7 n 0”

“11 benched”

“Bad break”


In my feeble attempt to be part of the conversation I said, “Who’s playing?” Five heads looked up and 5 pairs of eyes stared at me and blinked.  Finally one person said, “You know you can google that.”   At the obvious confusion I saw in their faces I went on to explain that I left my phone at home.  Five jaws dropped slightly and then everyone offered their condolences:

“So sorry”

“So sad”

“Tough Times”

“I feel your pain”

“Bad Break”


All five heads and ten eyes turned their attention back to their phones.  I was left with my own thoughts and thankfully 3 more bites of a sprinkle donut.  I found my mouth filled with yummy chocolate icing and colorful sprinkles but my mind was filled with some dark questions.  I won’t bore you with all the questions that filled my head in case you decide to click over the Haiku blog that has 3 lines and 17 syllables.

Being the age I am; old, my first question went back to the good ole days.  People use to say, “There is no such thing as a dumb question.”  Now I am not so sure.  In this age of high tech communication is a question that can be answered by Google a dumb question?  Is there any question that can’t be googled?  Therefore are now all questions dumb?   I don’t know the answers to these questions.  Maybe I should google it!

Later that day when I was reunited with my phone I had a news alert with the headline:


Somehow I find that NOT so hard to believe.



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1 Response to What’s the Question?

  1. Mary Mercado says:

    Thanks Mickey for my “outloud” laugh of the day. I so look forward to your Sidewalk blog of the day. Yup…I’m sitting in an airport waiting for a flight, and everyone is on their phone. The only soul without one is the drug sniffing dog. And he looks like he’s having the most fun!

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